Finn/Rachel (Cory/Lea) & Puck/Quinn (Mark/Dianna)

This tumblr is for the shippers of both Finn/Rachel (Finchel) & Puck/Quinn (Quick) and Cory/Lea (Monchele) & Mark/Dianna (Salgron), the Fab Four.

You find yourself at my door, just like all those times before

I think making someone laugh is supersexy - Lea Michele

Cory and I like to say we’re like a two-for-one-deal

8 cutest Finchel quotes

I just want there to be the right kind of ending for Finn and Rachel because I think it’s a very important storyline for a lot of the fans. I want to see it done properly. - Cory Monteith, Dolly magazine 2012

I texted [Ryan Murphy]. I said ‘people are very upset Finn and Rachel broke up!’ I tell him all the time! I like, exaggerate it. 

Doing that breakup scene with Cory. Because of how far our characters have come, just to get to that emotional place - especially after the train scene - then to have to go even further emotionally breaks my heart because I love Rachel and Finn together so much. - LM

Monchele things [1/20]: gifts

Monchele things [2/20] : New York